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August 2008

Another test blog...

Just trying to see what it involves in order to post pictures via email...
Here is a view of the full moon out of my window overlooking downtown Seattle.

Candy T, RN


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The Art of Packing

Did I ever mention that I am not artistic?

It's Saturday night and I am staying in to try to save money! So, I decided to attempt my packing and see what I can/cannot fit into my new backpack! I will share some pics at the end of the blog so you can comment. I purchased my backpack at REI about a month ago. This trip will be my first attempt at traveling with a backpack and I mostly feel like an old lady attempting to look hip/cool (which I am not...hip/cool that is....or OLD!).

I have read a lot of blogs about packing and what to take/not to take and I think I have my list narrowed down. Please feel free to let me know your opinions.

For packing purposes I have a large backpack (with attachable day-pack), messenger bag (for daily use), Two large and two small packing cubes (love them).

Toiletries (sm cube #1)
Body Wipes
Body/Hair Soap
lg microfiber towel

First Aid (sm cube #1)
hand sanitizer
Insect Spray
Ambien/Travel Meds
Ace Wrap
Hand Wipes
Etoh Wipe
re-hydration powder
Ear Plugs

Misc (sm cube #2)
Camera charger
extra memory card
drain stopper
laundry soap
Sleep Sack
Elec Adapter??
travel alarm
Retractable Cable Lock
Padlock x 4
Extra Batteries
Water Bladder
mosquito net
Assort. ziplock bags
Copies of passport/paperwork

Sandles (wearing)
Comfort Shoe
Sarong (buy there)
Sleeping bag

Messenger Bag
Eee PC/charger
Money holder
Travel Immunizations

1 Lg Cube:
Capri Pant
Br Linen Pant (wearing)
black short
tan short
Bathing suit

2 Lg Cube:
4 ss shirts
2 tank tops
1 ls button-up (wearing)
2 pair socks

WOW....when I type it all out, it looks like a LOT!

You will see in the pictures that I have a small daypack that attaches to my large backpack. Currently I don't have anything packed in it and am hoping to keep it empty on my way out so that I can fill it with my purchases while there!! A girl's gotta shop!!

Go here for pictures : http://picasaweb.google.com/khandilee/PackingForSEA

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A Pain in The Arm.

A trip to the travel clinic.

On Friday, I went to the local travel clinic in preparation for my trip. If you know me, you know that I hate shots...my palms sweat, my heart races, my anxiety is out of control. Then...when it's over, it is never as bad as I had anticipated. You would think with my being a nurse that I would be comfortable around needles, NOT!

I am now well prepared and well stocked with Doxycycline (anti-malarial), zithromax (travelers diarrhea), ambien (so I can get some sleep and hopefully not suffer too bad from jet lag) and oral typhoid vaccine.

I only had to get one shot, hepatitis A. This shot SUCKS! The needle itself I didn't even feel, but when the medicine started cursing through my blood I thought that I was going to be paralyzed forever on my left side (got it in my left deltoid). I could feel the pain/burn/throb (not sure how to describe it) go down my arm over about the first 20 seconds after it was administered.

Fortunately, I am here two days later with full use of my left arm, a pocket-full of pills and my 'papers' are in order.

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I just received my Eee PC via UPS. I am attempting to type this on the new computer to see if it is going to suit my needs while on the road. The typing is a little difficult due to the small keyboard but I think with a little time, I will get used to it. I just have to remember to 'think small' !!

So far, I am super impressed with this little machine! I am no computer expert and I am attempting to figure out how to connect my sprint wireless internet to this device. It takes a little ingenuity due to not having a cd drive and the fact that I dont have a usb drive either. Hopefully, I will figure it out soon.

The internal wireless is quick and easy to use. I was able to immediately pick up on several wireless connections.

The screen is clear and although small, it is easy to read. The keyboard is already getting easier as I type. The machine appears durable/solid in design and it is light as a feather. It will be a great accompaniment to my backpack for both domestic and international travel. I can even fit it into my purse if I wanted. I think that this is going to be my new best friend!

ETA: I just copied and pasted this post from my off-line version and it is super quick and simple!

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Ticket in hand.

My ticket is purchased to/from HoChiMin City. After months of searching web-sites for the best deal, I found a great price with Asiana Airlines. I am completly stoked about this trip. I have been trying to work out the details of the route with all the places I want to see, I should have planned for an extra 4 weeks! Just dont know how I am going to fit everything into a mere 4 weeks...

I am going to try to post a few entries to this blog between now and leaving simply for the purpose of learning the site and getting used to posting pics, etc. Please bear with me, I am sure that the next couple of entries aren't going to be greatly enjoyable to read but a necessity (for me) in order to feel prepared to blog on the road!


is my travel map. This will be updated as I figure out my route but it is a rough draft and will give you an idea of where I am planning to be.

More to come soon

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