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September 2008

Wrong Line....Again!

The Wrong Line

Anyone that has ever gone to the grocery, McDonalds, Library, or anywhere that you have to stand in a line will know that I ALWAYS pick the wrong line.....without fail. Today was no different!

I arrived at SEA airport with way too much time on my hands. Something about feeling like I always need to be early put me at the airport at the crack of dawn today. I enjoyed a nice Starbucks breakfast of oatmeal (yummy) and have now consumed two venti cups of coffee. During breakfast I chatted with a young man curious about my Eee PC.

Arriving at my gate, there was a long line at the desk and a pretty full seating area. I stepped into the line to ask if they were looking for volunteers to take a later flight. I finally got to the desk shortly after an announcement asking for volunteers! Yeah....my lucky day. I have tried this on numerous occasions and have never actually gotten 'bumped'. Since I dont have anywhere that I have to be by any certain time (except to Mom's for dinner), I figured that today was the day.

Arriving at the counter, I got the most inexperienced attendant that I ever could have gotten She got me 'off-loaded' from my flight and was having all sorts of trouble getting me booked onto the next flight. The other attendant at the counter checked through THREE people and I am still standing there waiting for this lady to get me onto a flight. I really didn't care WHICH flight at this time....just book me on a flight before they are ALL sold out! I am thinking the whole time that although I dont mind taking a later flight, I certainly dont want to spend ALL DAY at the airport...

So, I am finally sitting at my new gate....waiting to board with a FREE ROUNDTRIP ticket in my hot little hands!!!! YEAH....

Maybe I will get lucky on my flight home too....

General observations:

A mom with TOO many kids (there are four of them, all boys. They have sat quietly the whole time I have been typing)
One other person on laptop
2 People eating
3 on cell phone
4 reading the paper
5 staring at nothing in particular
8 staring at the idiot box (that would be the TV)

Flight is getting ready to board and I need to go to the bathroom....update you soon.

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Is it too early to start the countdown?

My 'To Do' list is huge! I've been running around in circles getting nothing done for the last couple of weeks. I finally figured that I best organize myself or I will not get everything done before I leave in 32
DAYS! Wow...time is certainly creeping up on me quickly. I am flying home next week to see the family and looking forward to spending some time with Trinity. She is certainly jealous of my upcoming trip but I have promised her a great trip over summer break. Now I just have to figure out where I am going to take her. That is going to have to wait....too much to think about right now.

I confirmed a contract in Kansas City for after I return. This accomplishes my goal of heading back East. I'm not sure that KC is the epitome of winter fun but it will be closer to home and to the East Coast....

32 days
and counting!

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